7.1 Undocumented changes

These are most of the undocumented changes who has been reported in the 7.1 Return to Karazhan patch.

All reports come from this thread on wow subreddit, i put them down here for ease of reading (because dark themes like that one are pretty much unreadable withouth killing your eyes).


  • Many are suggesting a noticable increase in legendary drops.
  • Companion app has been updated for Artifact Research? (http://i.imgur.com/dFWA6xC.png)
  • Glider items that make you go faster no longer work in dungeons.
  • You can solo Galakras in SoO now. You're able to shoot two shots with one cannon to take him down.
  • Mount drops now get announced to guild chat the same way legendaries do.
  • Withered J'im is now on the Unleashed Monstrosities achievement.
  • Vault of the Wardens, changed the graphic of Cordana's Deepening Shadows to a dark, purple texture that is harder to see. It also spreads a LOT slower.
  • Dalaran Hearthstone now sorts along with other hearthstones
  • The legendary Sephuz's Secret has been nerfed. Silences no longer proc it, and CC abilities that also deal damage will no longer proc it on bosses.
  • You can now ask Dalaran guards for directions to the transmog location.
  • Some new server connections have been put in place.
  • You can right click followers to add them to a mission now.
  • Mana-tinged packs now drop items that you can use to create mana instead of dropping raw mana.


  • Flight map flight path icons have a darker border around them.
  • In Suramar commons areas, detection circle graphic and actual detection range now match.
  • Pressing "Z" or your sheath/unsheath hotkey may crash the client
  • If it doesn't crash yours, you can sheathe/unsheathe weapons in the preview window using you key bind.
  • The top line in a chat box now partially shows instead of just being blank
  • There is a new "Request to Join Group" button when right-clicking players in a group.
  • Action Cam can be enabled again
  • Target Scan is broken. Target Nearest Enemy still works.
  • Water on the minimap has been updated in many areas
  • Flight Whistle now triggers as a cinematic.
  • The Broken Isles loading screen is different now. Varian has two red swords now instead of a blue and a red sword.
  • When viewing loot in the dungeon journal, you can now filter by what slot it fits.

Transmog / Appearance

  • Players can now hide their belt at the Transmogrificaction NPCs!
  • Some weapons that disappeared when sheathing are now appearing.
  • Weapon positioning on fist weapons have been improved.


  • You can now use channeled artifact power items while moving.
  • Stealth is now easier to detect. Possibly unintentional, recommend submitting bug report.


  • Many recipes no longer have reputation requirements
  • Crafted equipment that is upgraded with obliterum now goes up to 8 instead of 7
  • Crystal Vials from vendors now come as 20 in a stack as opposed to 5.
  • Starlight Rose Dust was upgraded to a common quality item
  • Cut gems can no longer be put in the reagent bank.
  • There was a bug wherein Disturbed Podlings (chance to spawn when herbing in Draenor) did not drop loot for level 101+ characters. No more! It's been fixed.
  • Glyph of the Blazing Savior works now.
  • Underlight Angler (fishing artifact) trait "Way of the Flounder" now persists after you click your bobber.
  • Excess ancient mana is now ignored on mobs and nodes. Allows skinning with mana on corpse.


  • Active quests number tracker is back.
  • At the end of your class campaign you only need to complete 20 world quest now instead of 30
  • Rep gains for feeding the addicts in Shal'Aran now up to 75 from 50.
  • Arcane sentries and mobs that can be activated/given ancient mana have had their costs reduced. The text does not reflect this, but it is shown in the confirmation window when you set it up.
  • Selecting the emissary mission icon on the map changes the map to that zone.
  • Class hall upgrade that completes a WQ no longer counts toward emissary quests.


  • Travel form is now the same speed as a mount. Cenarion Ward now removes shapeshift forms.
  • Druid bat form once again makes bat noises.
  • Druid order hall set is now a dress instead of chest + legs.

Death Knight

  • Wraith Walk now usable when dead.


  • Sludge Belcher no longer turns into Rotface/Festergut model.


  • Now has Earthbind totem.
  • Glyph of the Spectral Raptor now uses the newer raptor model



  • There's now a proc icon when Holy Fire resets


  • Shadow form no longer affects mounts


  • The Silver Hand artifact has had a cosmetic change. The libram you get that straps to your side now won't be covered by big belts that have dangly bits.



  • Aimed shot for MM Hunters nerfed ~5%


  • Can't use Essence Swapper to turn Hati into a Valkyr any more.



  • Crippling Poison no longer applies to bosses in dungeons.


  • Many teleport spells now have unique art


  • Artifact fireballs now change slightly based on artifact appearance.
  • Fire Mages can now turn off the flame orb effect of Felo'melorn by talking to Archmage Melis


  • The travel time upon cast and activation time on Demonic Gateway has been significantly sped up.
  • Lowered the cap to 109 on 'Enslave Demon' down from 110
  • Glyph of Voidlord has a new model which looks like a voidwalker wearing armor, instead of the electricity looking one.


  • Contagion is now 12%; was 15%.


  • "Glyph of the blazing savior" is no longer bugged and can be inscribed on intercept for protection spec.


  • A lot of changes were made to pvp talents. You should open yours and review them all again.
  • Warden towers were hot-fixed to give 300 honor again, and apparently the "other" pvp world quests (like the darkbrul arena) now reward 500 honor.
  • Halloween Broom is no longer usable in rated BGs
  • Battle Standards (both guild rep/honor bonus and the health increase one) are disabled in battlegrounds.
  • Engineering items such as nitro boosts and the built in cloak glider, which were previously disabled in battlegrounds now function.
  • Can no longer use flasks or gain benefits from food in random bgs.


  • The sting pvp talent rows was changed New talent "Trailblazer" is 5% stronger than the notes say


  • Counteract magic used to heal for 150% extra when the target was afflicted by a magic dot, now it's 125%
  • Zen focus (Honor talent) empowered the Thunder focus tea (which could be reseted with Rising thunder)... now it is another skill, "Zen focus tea"
  • Surge of Mist is now on an 8 seconds cooldown, it was 6. (thanks to Specificscientific) This means that we can no longer reset the immunity to silences and interrupts.


  • Casting Circle talent no longer grants immunity to silence/interrupt while you stand in it. It now reduces duration of silence/interrupt by 70%