Addons for raids

Here you can find all the addons that are useful during our raids or maybe in other aspects of Wow.

Some of them are required for raids so if you still don't have installed check the relative link and install it.

Big Wigs or Deadly Boss Mods (required)

This is the main addon which is absolutely required for raiding these days.
Some of his features are timers and warnings for most of the boss abilities, both in raids and dungeons plus a wide array of other useful informations available during the encounters.

Try to keep it updated as often as possible during progress because useful infos are added all the time in this phase.

ORA 3 (required)

Another required addon for raids, it offers a series of useful features :

  • Durability and Latency checks for everyone running oRA3 in a raid.
  • Gear (item level, missing gems, missing enchants) and Zone checks.
  • Battle Resurrection monitor for raid encounters.
  • Flexible cooldown monitor for just about every spell with a cooldown.
  • Invites based on guild rank, zone, or keyword.
  • Custom tank list in addition to players assigned to tank or mainktank in the group.
  • Promoting to raid assistant based on guild rank, a list of names, or just everyone.
  • Intelligent ready check window that will display a divider bar between groups report based on instance difficulty.
  • Automatically set loot settings when starting a party or raid.
  • Tunable raid alerts to chat about taunts, threat misdirects, cc breakage, rezzes, dispels, and cast interrupts.
  • Consumable check for your raid members.

Angry assignments (required)

This addon was written by the guild Angry (US-Illidan) to handle assignments during raids. It provides a convenient way to store and share assignments for different bosses, allows editing by multiple people, and is able to display the information to raiders in a configurable format

EPGP (dkp reloaded) and EPGP Lootmaster (required)

This two adddons are needed for the EPGP system point we use in raids.

The first one is needed to be able to check the status of EPGP while the second is required for looting since it removes a lot of the wasted time after each kill.