Epgp, Epgp lootmaster and it's proper use

EPGP, What is it?

EPGP is a sophisticated way to turn loot over to players while still staying fair, preventing point hoarding and making sure that people who attend less raids but have decent input can also be eligible for loot. The system is different from other loot systems in that it works with two point tables. One being EP and the other being GP.


EffortPoints and are the merit in which your contribution is being calculated. EP is rewarded based on various criteria, the most important ones being attendance and boss-kills. Attendance is more important than boss-kills in the sense that attendance is the prime sort of resource in order to get EP. People coming in when the raid is nearly over and getting a kill get less benefit than the ones having invested a near full raid-time and have to suddenly drop out and thereby missing the kill and thereby loot. The only exception to the rule being first kills on a boss.


Gearpoints are the prime merit in which you have been awarded loot. Each piece of loot you get handed out comes with a predefined value and is being added to your total score. This makes sure that over time your priority on getting loot is being lowered. How this is achieved is by dividing EP through GP. The number you end up with is your PR or Point Ratio. This is the number that is most important as the division of the two points will end up being roughly the same should you have a lot of EP and a lot of gear as compared to having low EP and less loot. In this way its fair to get loot even if you cannot attend a couple of raids.


After every raid there is a decay of 10%. The reasoning behind this is to prevent people from hoarding points and thereby ensuring they get loot all the time. To guarantee that everyone has a fair pick in the pool the decay cuts of a percentage of both your EP and GP resulting in a lower point-value and thereby a higher point-ratio ensuring you can get loot again.

To specify in examples (without decay to make it easier):

Player A and B get 8000 points per raid. 3 hours of raiding each granting 2000 points each with an end of raid addition of 2000. After a while both player A and B have accumulated some points and both sit at 48000 points. While player A has looted one item player B has not. Players A's GP is at 500. His PR is thereby reduced to 96 While player B's PR stays at 48000. The next time loot is being handed out player B's PR is so much higher that he will be the definite recipient for the loot.

With decay being added the values of 96 and other PR's will start going up again since the number of EP you get is steady while the number of GP you get is not.

One can always check his EPGP by looking at his/her officers-note in the guildpanel or by using the /epgp shortcut in the game. This will tell you exactly what EP and GP you have and thereby show you your likely hood in getting gear.

EPGP Lootmaster

EPGP Lootmaster is an addon that every raided needs to have installed. It gives you a very nice and sleek window whenever loot is being handed out. Players are then able to click one of a couple of buttons to specify what they want to do with the loot.

Major upgrade, Minor upgrade/Offspec, Greed and Pass Whichever button they click will be visible to the Raidleader, Lootmaster and other officers. This makes sure that should a specific piece of gear be a better upgrade for a certain player regardless of his PR a lootcouncil system can then vote for the distribution of the loot. This makes sure that no lootdrama is being generated.