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The demigod Cenarius is the father of druidism in Azeroth and one of the world's oldest and most powerful protectors. His disturbing slumber within the groves of Val’sharah was the first sign of the depth of the growing threat from within the Nightmare. That dark power now has complete hold over him, and he may lie beyond hope of redemption.

Quick Tips

The fight against Cenarius has two phases.

During Phase One, you fight Cenarius and a number of adds that he regularly summons.

Malfurion, in every set of adds, will cleanse one and the add will fight for you and will help with a useful buff (Malfurion always cleans the seed with the largest number of nearby players).

At the same time, there's a number of abilities you need to avoid and the stacks of a damaging debuff to keep under control through various mechanics.

Phase Two is much more simple and you have to burn the boss as fast as possible before running out of place on the platform.


Damage Dealers:

  • DPS the boss and switch to the adds when they appear. Kill priority:
    • Corrupted Wisps
    • Twister Sister
    • Rotten Drake
    • Nightmare Ancient
  • Interrupt Twisted Touch of Life cast by the Scorned Sister.
  • Malfurion's Cleansed Ground fully clears stacks of Creeping Nightmares from any players near the chosen target.


Get used to damage patterns :

  • Creeping Nightmares ramps us very very slowly and then suddenly resets.
  • Nightmare Buffet is not as dangerous as it looks (very slow ramp time and the Drake dies fast).
  • Tank damage is very low


  • Position Cenarius carefully because of Dread Thorns.
  • Taunt Forces of Nightmare when they they spawn.

Main abilities

Nightmare brambles

Phase 1 and 2 A bramble swarm fixates a player and chases them, leaving behind bramble patches as it travels. Standing in either the swarm or the patches will root a player and deal high ticking damage over 6 seconds.

Aura of dread thorns

Phase 1 An aura on Cenarius which grants nearby adds dread thorns. This reflects 50% of damage taken back to the player.

Creeping nightmare

Phase 1 and 2 Cenarius deals ticking damage to the entire raid. A debuff is applied each tich which increases damage taken from creeping nightmare by 20%. This debuff stacks.

Forces of nightmare

Phase 1 Cenarius summons 3 forces of nightmare to aid him. If not cleansed, an ally of nightmare wil spawn after 10 seconds.

Destructive nightmares

Corrupted Wisp When the corrupted wisp reaches a player, it will deal damage to everyone within 8 yards and then search for a new player to attack

Cleansing detonate

Cleansed Wisp Cleanse the nearby ground of nightmare corruption, and spawns a patch of cleansed ground

Desiccating stomp

Corrupted Ancient A stomp dealing a large amount of damage split between all players within 8 yards. If no players are hit the raid will take a huge burst of damage.

Replenishing roots

Cleansed Ancient A channeled cast which gives nearby players 3% mana back every second.

Rotten breath

Corrupted drake The drake will turn to face a random player and continuosly inflict a high amount of shadow damage to any player in front of the drake for 4 seconds.

Ancient dream

Cleansed Drake The emerald drake will breath towards the tank, applying a buff which increases all healing taken by 50%. Also, the next attack that would otherwise kill you will instead cause you to be healed for 50% of your maximum hp. This removes the buff.

Nightmare buffet

Corrupted drake At low health, the drake will blast the raid, dealing a large amount of damage to all players every 2 seconds. Each subsequent blast deals 20% more damage.

Unbound touch

Cleansed Sister Grants immunity to shadow damage and movement impairing effects for 4 sec and increases movement speed by 75% after 4 secs. Unbound touch will spread to all allies within 6 yards.

Nightmare javelin

Twisted Sister A debuff which deals ticking damage to the player and anyone within 4 yds every second for 6 seconds.

<p>A debuff which deals ticking damage <strong>to the player and anyone within 4 yds</strong> every second for 6 seconds.</p>

Twisted Sister A debuff which slows a player and applies a large circle around them, after 8 seconds the circle explodes, dealing damage to the player and spreading scorned touch to anyone within 8 yards.

Twisted touch of life

Twisted Sister An interruptible cast which heals a wounded add or boss for a small amount. This also applies a large dispellable hot to the target.

Spear of nightmares

Phase 2 Inflicts a large amount of physical damage to the tank and increases damage taken from the spear by 100% for 25 seconds. Goo spawns from the tanks position, dealing ticking damage to any player within it. The size of the goo is based on the amount of damage the tank took from the spear.

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