Elerethe Renferal


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Elerethe, once a mighty druid and adept shapeshifter, was led down a dark path by the belief that she was betrayed by her closest allies. Her consciousness now resides in the Nightmare, damning her to an existence of fear, confusion, and hatred.

Quick Tips

During the fight, Elerethe swaps between the nightmarish forms of a spider and a roc. When she takes to the skies as a roc, she moves to a different platform, forcing players to weather her Dark Storm as they make their way towards her.

On Mythic difficulty, Elrethe uses an additional ability depending on what platform she is currently on. On the first platform she uses Tangled Webs, on the second she uses Violent Winds, and on the third Nightmare Spawn.

Damage Dealers

  • During Spider form, stand apart from the raid during Necrotic Venom to place venomous pools.
  • During Roc form, place Twisting Shadows away from the raid.
  • Kill Venomous Spiderlings.


  • During Spider form, heal allies connected by Web of Pain.
  • During Roc form, the raid takes ramping damage from Dark Storm until they reach the eye of the storm.


  • During Spider form, take turns tanking Spiderlings to manage applications of Dripping Fangs .
  • During Roc form, quickly taunt Elerethe after Raking Talons .
  • During Roc form, pick up a Shimmering Feather to speed your way across the webbing.
  • Keep Venomous Spiderlings away from the boss or they will grant her stacks of Swarm. (Mythic)

Main abilities

Web of pain

A debuff linking the primary tank and other players. 100% of the damage recieved by a debuffed player will be mirrored to the other player.

Vile ambush

Renferal ascends into her web and the drops from above, dealing large physical damage to all players. The further a players is from the location marked the less damage they will take.

Dripping fangs

The spiderlings debuff the current tank, dealing high ticking damage over time. The dot will stacks.

Necrotic venom

A dot placed on 2 players which deals high damage to the debuffed players and anyone nearby.
Any player hit by the venom will receive the dot themselves.
When the debuff runs out, a pool of goo will spawn on the floor.

Gathering clouds

An 8 seconds channel which deals high ticking damage and pushes players back every 1 second

Twisting shadows

A debuff placed on 2 players which causes them to spawn tornadoes at the end of the debuff.
These tornadoes will pick up plaerys, deal high damage to them and then trow them out in a random direction.

Razor wing

Renferal will face a random player and cast razor wing. At the end of the cast all the players in front of her will take high damage and will be knocked back

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