Chronomatic Anomaly


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As the power to fuel an entire civilization courses from the earth, the cavern at the base of the Nightwell has become a maelstrom of raw energy.

Born from this chaotic flux, the Chronomatic Anomaly is an embodiment of the power of the Eye of Aman’thul. As it lashes out with energy attacks, the bursts of energy warp the very flow of time.

Quick Tips

The fight is a burst down priority targets and small adds fight wich requires also interrups and aoe cc for small add spawns.

Kill priority

  1. Waning Time Particle
  2. Fragmented Time Particle
  3. Chromatic Anomaly (boss)



  • Swap the boss before 10 stacks of Chronometric Particles
    • Speed: Fast swap after 3 stacks
    • Speed: Normal swap after 5-6 stacks
    • Speed: Slow swap after 9 stacks (use defensive cd)
  • When the Temporal Rift spawns, click it to gain Temporal Charge


  • Prioritize healing on Time Release debuffs (red->yellow->green)
  • On Speed:Slow phases tanks can reach high stacks of Chronometric Particles. Heavy tank healing may be needed here.


Main abilities

Passage of Time

This is the main mechanic of the fight and it breaks the encounter in different phases, each one characterized by a different speed of time.

  • Speed: Normal, it's the starting phase and the time flows normally
  • Speed: Slow slows the rate of time by 30%, players move and attack 30% slower, also influences cooldown recovery rate.
  • Speed: Fast increases the rate of time by 30%, movement and attacks are now 30% faster, same for cooldown recovery rate

Chronomatic Anomaly abilities are also affected by slow and fast phases. Chronomatic Anomaly will use his abilities at different times and in different orders in each phase.

In Normal and Heroic modes the boss Chronomatic Anomaly will cycle through the phases in the following order:

  • Normal
  • Slow
  • Fast
  • Normal
  • Fast
  • Slow
  • Normal
  • Slow
  • Fast

First 4 phases can be triggered by the tank interrupting Power Overwhelming. Additional phases are instead not linked to this interaction.

Soft Enrage

In the final phases Waning Time Particles will be summoned more often. Ideally the boss should be defeated before reaching the third Speed: Slow phase.

Waning Time Particles and Fragmented Time Particles

Waning Time Particle will spawns at several times during the encounter.

The Waning Time Particle is a priority DPS target, and must be killed quickly.

  • Particles are stationary
  • the Particles attack targets with Chronomate
  • they will also cast Warp Nightwell frequently, dealing moderate damage to all players
    • Normal, spell is cast every 5-7 seconds
    • Slow, spell is cast every 10-11 seconds
    • Fast, spell is cast every 1.5 seconds
  • Each successful Warp Nightwell cast will increase the power of subsequent casts by 20%, stacking
  • Interrupt Warp Nightwell casts to avoid fatal raid damage
  • (heroic) below 30% health particles can't be interrupted

During Fast phases casts will be successful more often, use healing cooldown if neeeded.

When a Particle dies, it will spawn 4 Fragmented Time Particles at its location which also attack and casts Warp Nightwell.

  • the smaller particles Warp Nightwell deals less damage and increase by 5% per stack (but they're multiple so still dangerous)
  • Use aoe stuns or other aoe interrupt/cc abilities to prevent the casting
  • kill the smaller particles quickly
Waning Time Particle casting Warp
Fragmented Particles pack

Power Overwhelming and Temporal Smash

After a minute into each of the first four phases, and occasionally after, Chronomatic Anomaly will start to channel Power Overwhelming from the Nightwell.

This spell must be interrupted with Temporal Smash

  • When the the cast is complete, Chronomatic Anomaly will channel Power Overwhelming, dealing increasing raid damage every 5 seconds (Each tick increase damage by 15%)
  • Power Overwhelming can be channeled indefinitely, and with stacks it will become fatal.
  • Power Overwhelming cannot be conventionally interrupted
  • Tanks must interact with a Temporal Rift to be able to stop the channel

Temporal Rifts

These glowing orbs spawn everytime a Particle is killed

Particles must be killed fast so that the rifts form with enough time to interrupt Power Overwhelming.

For 15 seconds after the Temporal Smash is used, Chronomatic Anomaly takes 30% increased damage. Use DPS cooldowns.

Time Bomb

Periodically, Chronomatic Anomaly will choose a random player (dps or healer) and plant a Time Bomb on them.

  • The initial Time Bomb debuff deals no damage
  • When it expires it will deal heavy damage to the entire raid
  • The damage done to player is reduced by distance

When affected by Time Bomb move away from the raid when the debuff is close to expiring. The duration of the Time Bomb debuff is random, but influenced by time phases

  • Normal, duration is around 20 seconds long
  • Slow, duration is between 60-90 seconds
  • Fast, duratation is between 4-8 seconds
Time Bomb debuff

Burst of Time

When casting Burst of Time Chronomatic Anomaly will mark the floor at several random players' feet, and then launch orbs at those marks. Move away from landing zones to avoid damage.

The landing time changes with the time phases :

  • Normal, landing time is 4 seconds
  • Slow, landing time is 7 seconds
  • Fast, landing time is 2 seconds
Burst of Time landing zones

Time Release

During each phase, Chronomatic Anomaly will debuff players with Time Release, a healing absorption shield.

  • It is removed by healing or on time expiring
  • If not removed by healing will deal damage equal to the amount of healing absorption left
  • The icon of the ability changes based on how much healing absorption is left
    • red = high absorption remaing
    • yellow = high absorption remaing
    • green = low absorption remaing
  • Heal players with red and yellow icons before the green ones

Time phases changes

  • Speed: Normal
    • Time Release is cast every 20-30 seconds
    • 4 targets are chosen each time
    • Medium size shield
    • 20 seconds debuff
  • Speed: Slow
    • Time Release is cast every 43 seconds
    • Every player is targeted, except for one tank
    • Small size shield
    • 25 seconds debuff
  • Speed: Fast
    • Time Release is cast every 13 seconds
    • 2 targets are chosen each time
    • Large size shield
    • 15 seconds debuff

Temporal Orb

Once or twice per phase, several waves of Temporal Orbs will be emitted from the Nightwell and fly outward in straight lines to the edge of the room and must be mostly avoided.

  • Not every orb can be always avoided because waves moves at different speed.
  • The moving speeds of the orbs change also with different Time phases.
Avoid temporal orbs

Chronometric Particles (tank swap mechanic)

Chronomatic Anomaly will afflict his current target with Chronometric Particles every 5-6 seconds.

Time phases changes

  • Normal, the debuff lasts 20 seconds and ticks every 2 seconds
  • Slow, the debuff lasts 60 seconds and ticks every 6 seconds
  • Fast, lasts 10 seconds and ticks every second

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