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The chain of events set in motion when Garrosh escaped to Draenor has continued, unbroken for all its twists and turns, leading to this very moment. Thwarted in Draenor, Gul’dan now stands on the precipice of achieving ultimate victory on behalf of his Legion masters.

Standing atop the Nighthold, as the vortex of fel energy swirls in the skies overhead, the outcast orc warlock awaits his destiny.

Quick Tips

This is a 3 phases encounter.

  • On phase 1 avoid Gul'dan spells while fighting 3 demon adds
  • Phase 2 starts when all 3 adds are defeated and we will fight Gul'dan who will gain additional abilities
  • Phase 3 starts at 40% health and he Gul'dan will change most of his abilities




Main abilities

Essence of Aman'thul

During phase 1 and 2 you will have access to an additional extra action button different for each role.


  • Tanks will gain Resonant Barrier
  • Once used it will absorb all damage taken for 6 seconds


  • Healers gain Scattering Field
  • The spell will create a protective shield around the caster, absorbing 50% of fire damage taken, shared with allies within 10 yds


  • Dps gain Time Dilation
  • The spell increase casting, movement, attack speed by 30%. It also decrease cooldown by 30%
  • If you receive any fire damage while the buff is active the effect will be removed

The Council of Elders (phase 1)

In this phase Guldan can be attacked until he summons all 3 adds. After it will become immune

He also doesn't need to be tanked during this phase as he'll keep chain casting 2 abilities

Liquid Hellfire

  • Liquid Hellfire targets a random player and throws a projectile on his location
  • This will deal high raid damage
  • The damage is reduced by distance from the target
  • Healers can use their shield to reduce damage

Fel Efflux

  • Gul'dan faces a random direction and shoots a beam of fel energy with Fel Efflux
  • The beam will do heavy damage to anyone in its path
  • Avoid the beam
Liquid Hellfire
hand of gul'dan meteor

Hand of Gul'dan (phase 1 - adds)

  • Gul'dan will use Hand of Gul'dan to summon the adds
  • With this spell Gul'dan will mark an area of the room
  • A meteor will land on the area dealing high damage to anyone within

Adds Kill priority

  1. Inquisitor Vethriz
  2. Fel Lord Kuraz'mal
  3. D'zorykz the Trapper

Inquisitor Vethriz (2nd add spawned)

  • This add should be killed first because of his Gaze of Vethriz ability
  • With Gaze of Vethriz the inquistor summon eyes on the ground that have rotating beams
  • Avoid the beams as they do heavy damage
  • He also cast Shadowblink which allows him to blink around the room

Fel Lord Kuraz'mal (1st add spawned)

  • This adds should be killed second
  • Shatter Essence targets tanks
  • The spell will be deadly to tank unless he use his immunity barrier ability

D'zorykz the Trapper (3rd add spawned)

  • He will cast Soul Vortex on the tank
  • The spell will throw a cage at the tank
  • The cage will pull in players and deals damage to anyone nearby
  • Players too near the cage will also receive a debuff, Torn Soul
  • The debuff increases physical damage taken by 100% for 30 seconds
  • Every time the ability is cast the cage's pull effect increase by 100%
  • Place the cage away from the raid
avoid eyes beam

The Ritual of Aman'Thul (phase 2)

  • At the start of phase 2, Gul'dan knocks everyone back
  • Stay near his bubble to avoid being knocked off the room
  • He keeps using Liquid Hellfire from phase 1 but will also use other abilities

Bonds of Fel

  • Bonds of Fel is s debuff applied to raid members
  • It slows the player by 50% and causes ticking damage
  • To remove it move away from the spot you were when targeted
  • When remove the debuff will deal damage split between target and all players within 5 yards

Eye of Gul'dan

  • Eye of Gul'dan spawns eyes that deal damage to target and anyone within 8 yards
  • The damage becomes more powerful over time
  • Eyes have an energy bar, when it reaches 100, the eye will duplicate itself
  • These eyes must be killed fast

Fel Scythe

  • Fel Scythe is cast when a players is within 2 yds of the tank or he gains 100 energy
  • It deals large fire damage to anyone in 2yds from the tank
  • Gul'dan will also buff his attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds.
  • Gul'dan will use all the energy stacked until the cast
  • Every point of energy increase the damage of the ability by 5%
  • Force Gul'dan to use the ability often to prevent his energy to getting too high

Empowered Abilities

At 85%, 70% and 50% health, Gul'dan will empower one of his abilities

Empowered Liquid Hellfire (85%)

  • Liquid Hellfire will deal more damage and will leave behind fire on the ground for 3 minutes
  • Try to keep fire in one area

Empowered Bonds of Fel (70%)

  • Players will be knocked back before receiving the debuff
  • Their speed is also decreased more and the explosion does more damage

Empowered Eye of Gul'dan (50%)

  • The ability now summon one large eye
  • The large eye can target multiple people
  • The add has also an aggro table
eye of guldan

The Master's Power (phase 3)

Gul'dan keeps only his Empowered Eye of Gul'dan and Fel Scythe from previous phase and use new abilities Players will also won't have access anymore to the extra action

Flames of Sargeras

  • Flames of Sargeras is a debuff that causes the target to do AoE damage to anyone within 8 yards
  • Additionally each pulse leaves a pool on the ground that will explode, dealing damage and leaving behind fire.
  • If targeted run to the edge of the room, away from others to drop pools

Storm of the Destroyer

Well of Souls

  • After summoning the Well of Souls, Gul'dan will cast Soul Siphon and will add targeted players' souls to the well
  • Enter the Well of Souls to free players' souls
  • Every 3 seconds you stay inside the well you take damage and a soul is freed
  • If Gul'dan collects all players' souls, the raid wipes with Black Harvest
  • Black Harvest is casted also if the well is not full so it's important to free souls or they'll explode
Flame of sargerars
well of souls


In phase 1 each add will have 1 additional ability

Fel Lord Kuraz'mal

  • Fel Lord will summon several green patches on the ground
  • These patches will erupt into Fel Obelisks
  • If you're hit by the obelisk you will be stunned for 7 seconds and receive ticking damage
  • Move away from patches

Inquisitor Vethriz

  • He will cast Drain to multiple players
  • It's a dispellable dot (21 seconds)
  • Each tick will heal for a lot Inquisitor Vethriz
  • Dispel these debuffs as soon as possible

D'zorykz the Trapper

  • He will now cast volleys of Anguished Spirits
  • These will land on the ground and explode
  • On landing they deal damage to any player hit
  • Move out of the landing zone (green mark)

Hand of Gul'dan (phase 2)

On heroic in phase 2 Gul'dan will also cast Hand of Gul'dan and summon a Dreadlord add

  • Hand of Gul'dan will mark an area on the ground
  • Damage is dealt to anyone inside
  • The Dreadlord will cast Carrion Wave, which does damage and stuns everyone hit for 6 seconds
  • It can be interrupted, but each interrupt gives him a stack of Focused
  • The buff will increase his damage by 20% damage and attack speed by __15%

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