High Botanist Tel'arn


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From his youth, the nightborne Tel’arn was fascinated by plant life: the resilience and adaptability of weeds, the ability of simple grass to harness the power of the sun, the way a tree may be divided into two, or two branches grafted into one.

Aided by the energies of the Nightwell, he has transformed himself to the point that he is scarcely recognizable as a nightborne elf. He now considers himself something far, far greater.

Quick Tips

This encounter has lots of adds and mechanics. It will also require a good amount of movement.

Use Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp on last phase as it is the hardest one.



Main abilities

The High Botanist (phase 1)

Solar Collapse

  • Solar Collapse spawns 12 swirls of light around a player which starts converging to the player location
  • Avoid them as they deal large damage

Parasitic Fetter

  • Parasitic Fetter is cast on a random target
  • The target will be rooted with a stacking dot
  • Can be dispelled but will spawn 2 Parasitic Lasher
  • After 2 seconds the adds will cast fixate on a nearby target and when it reaches his target will recast Parasitic Fetter
  • Players close to target run away and when area is clear dispel the rooted target
  • Kite adds when they spawn so they don't touch you

Controlled Chaos

  • Tel’arn summons a series of purple eruptions on a player , progressively larger in size
  • These deal high damage in an area, and raid-wide damage.
  • Avoid the purple zones

Recursive Strikes (tank swap)

  • Recursive Strikes ability causes increased melee damage
  • Swap at 6-7 stacks
  • Use defensive cds at high stacks
Solar collapse
Parasitic Fetter

Nightosis (phase 2)

At 75% hp Tel'arn will summon an image of himself (shared hp pools) and phase 2 will start.

He will keep all abilities from phase 1 with the exception of Solar Collapse which is now used by his solar image

Summon Plasma Spheres

  • "Solarist" will also Summon Plasma Spheres (3 spheres)
  • When killed, they explode for raid-wide damage
  • Sphere must be killed but not too fast
  • On explosion a sphere leaves a debuff on the raid which deals 100% more damage if another sphere explodes within 5 seconds
  • Spheres always spawn on same points of the platform
  • Spheres lose hp naturally so killing the 3rd sphere is not needed

Flare (tank)

  • “Solarist” Tel’arn has also Flare as an additional tank mechanic
  • The ability does AoE damage
  • Don't stack on him or current off-tank
Plasma Sphere exploding

Pure Form (phase 3)

At 50% health Tel'arns will conjure a second image called Naturalist Tel'arn which will receive all his nature abilities

Now Tel’arn will have 3 forms :

  • Solarist
  • Naturalist
  • Arcanist

Summon Plasma Spheres also occurs less frequently now

Call of Night

  • Arcanist Tel’arn will cast Call of Night, targeting several players
  • Each target will cause raid-wide damage until another player unaffected stands near them

Grace of Nature (tank)

  • Naturalist Tel’arn will summon a healing green pool under one of the three forms of the boss with Grace of Nature
  • Move the forms out of the pool

Toxic Spores

  • Naturalist Tel’arn will target a player with Toxic Spores
  • 2 Spores will spawn near target location
  • The spores will add a large DoT to any player who goes near them.
  • The spores last for a long time
  • Clear spores with playes with immunities (Aspect of turtle, Iceblock, Cloak of Shadows)
Grace of Nature healing pools

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