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Deep within the foundations of the Nighthold, beneath the sea, lie long-forgotten vaults that give access to the Nightwell itself. This monstrous armored scorpid has made its home in one of these vaults. Infused with the power of the Nightwell and surrounded by a teeming brood, Skorpyron presents a serious complication to an otherwise promising back entry to the Nighthold.

Quick Tips

Skorpyron is a single target encounter mixed with several wawes of low health adds which must be killed.

During the fight, the raid will gradually remove Skorpyron's armor until he is briefly unprotected, and then will deal extra damage until Skorpyron recovers. Players should save their DPS cooldowns for these vulnerability phases, which occur at 75%, 50%, and 25% health.

Kill order priority

  1. Scorpid (blue scorpions)
  2. Volatile Scorpid (red scorpion)(heroic)
  3. Skorpyd (boss)



  • Skorpyron tank should keep him facing in a consistent direction so Arcanoslash does not hit any additional players
  • Adds tank should be never in front of Skorpyron during Arcanoslash


  • Use AoE/cleave abilities on the Crystalline Scorpids to kill them fast
  • Use AoE CC abilities on the Scorpids once they are in place
  • When Skorpyron casts Focused Blast, check the direction he is facing and move away
  • Stay away from the edge of the room or you'll summon additional scorpids


  • When Skorpyron casts Focused Blast, check the direction he is facing and move away
  • Stay away from the edge of the room or you'll summon additional scorpids

Main abilities

Call of the scorpid

Around the boss area there're a lot of shrouded scorpid patrols. They cannot be targeted or attacked until they are triggered by either:

  • Players move close enough to the Scorpid packs to dispel the Shrouded buff
  • Skorpyron casting Call of the Scorpid

Call of the Scorpid targets a random group of Scorpids and engages all Scorpids in its area of effect

  • triggers approximately every 20 seconds between vulnerability phases
  • each time awakens 5-6 scorpids
  • (heroic) a red Volatile Scorpid is in the pack and, after, 15-20 seconds he'll cast a spell which buffs all damage of scorpids around him
  • adds tank should gather these scorpids and pull them to melee dps
  • raid use AOE and Cleave abilities to get rid of them quickly
a pack is being summoned by Skorpyron
red scorpid buffs the damage of all scorpid around him

Chitinous Exoskeleton/Exoskeletal Vulnerability

Skorpyron's Chitinous Exoskeleton is a 25 stack buff that protects Skorpyron, which must be removed in order to deal more damage to the boss.

  • The buff reduce the damage he takes by 1% per stack
  • Each time players deal 1% of Skorpyron's health in damage, he loses 1 stack of Chitinous Exoskeleton
  • When Skorpyron reaches 0 stacks, he gains Exoskeletal Vulnerability, and begins to cast Chitinous Exoskeleton again
  • During the 15-second cast time of Chitinous Exoskeleton, Skorpyron will not use other abilities, and takes 45% increased damage
  • At the end of cast, Skorpyron refresh the buff to 25 stacks.
  • Each time Skorpyron casts Chitinous Exoskeleton, he will gain a stack of Infused Exoskeleton, increasing the damage he deals by 10% per stack

Save DPS cooldowns for the periods of Exoskeletal Vulnerability.

The final phase is the most difficult, since Skorpyron has 2 stacks of Infused Exoskeleton (use hero here)

In addition, each time the raid deals 2.5% of Skorypron's health in damage, a Crystalline Fragments will break off of the Chitinous Exoskeleton, forming a Crystalline Shard.

  • Crystalline Fragments deals moderate damage to the raid
  • The Shard appears near a random player
  • The Shard can be used to LOS one of Skorpyron's attacks - Shockwave
  • Stay near Crystalline Shards to quickly hide behind one when Shockwave occurs

After each Exoskeletal Vulnerability phase, Skorpyron will fire off a rapid succession of Crystalline Fragments to "catch up" to the boss's health. Healers can use raid CDs to recover from this damage if needed.

Crystalline Shards


Skorpyron slowly gains energy during the encounter. At full Energy, he will cast Shockwave. (approximately every minute)

  • Shockwave will deal moderate to heavy damage to all players in the raid, and knock them back a long distance
  • When knockbacked there's a very high chance to summon extra Crystalline Scorpids from the edge of the room
  • Stay behind a shard to avoid the damage and the knockback
  • Standing behind a Shard does not prevent you from attacking the boss or healing other players. The Crystalline Shards only blocks the Shockwave ability.
  • Shockwave will destroy all existing Shards, making way for new ones to form.
Hide behind shard during shockwave

Focused Blast

Move out of the path of Focused Blast

Approximately every 30 seconds, Skorpyron will cast Focused Blast, which will deal heavy damage and stun any player caught in its path.

  • Skorpyron will aim Focused Blast at a random target (no visual)
  • At the end of the 3-second cast, he will fire the Focused Blast, damaging and stunning all players in front of him
  • Watch for the direction Skorpyron is facing and quickly move to the side or behind him
  • The Focused Blast stun lasts for 3 seconds the first time a player is struck by it
  • If someone is struck again by a later cast, the stun will increase in duration by 1 second
  • Crystalline Shards do not protect against Focused Blast!

Skorpyron will also cast Focused Blast shortly after recovering from Exoskeletal Vulnerability.

Focused Blast path


Skorpyron will attack his tank with Arcanoslash frequently, dealing heavy damage in a 180 degree arc in front of him.

  • Arcanoslash occurs in sets of 3 rapid casts, and these sets occur about 12 seconds apart
  • Any player within the 180-degree arc in front of Skorpyron will take heavy damage. The damage is heavy so non-tanks should be sure to always be behind the boss.
  • Tanks should use Active Mitigation/cooldowns to reduce the Arcanoslash damage, as it is heavy
  • Each Arcanoslash attack will also debuff the tank with Arcane Tether
  • Arcane Tether deals damage every second, and will stack with each of the 3 hits in the "set"
  • To break Arcane Tether, the tank must move more than 10 yards away. Tanks should wait for all three Arcanoslash casts in the set to complete before breaking Arcane Tether, to reduce the movement required.
Arcane tether graphic

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