Star Augur Etraeus


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The nightborne astromancer Etraeus has devoted long years of research to scouring the skies of Azeroth, seeking answers to the great mysteries of the universe.

His scrying has shown him worlds beyond our ken, and the power of the Nightwell allows him to draw upon the essence of those worlds to amplify his own powers.

Quick Tips

The encounter is divided in 4 phases, triggered by hp percentages (90%, 60%, 30%).

The fight has also several tank mechanics and limited number of adds until final phase.


  • Move away from boss during Fel Nova
  • Turn away from The Thing That Should Not Be when it casts Witness the Void


  • Move from group with Void Impact to spawn the Thing That Should Not Be.
  • Be sure the add is far from the boss



  • Use raid cooldowns for Fel Nova (high raid damage)
  • Heal players affected by Voidburst

Main abilities

The Dome of Observation (phase 1)

This initial phase introduces two concepts that will be reused, with some twists, in each subsequent phase.

Coronal Ejection

  • Etraeus will summon spheres called Coronal Ejection near a player.
  • Spheres will explode after a short time, applying an unavoidable DoT to 4 targeted players.

Starburst (tank)

  • Starburst is a magic-based attack that targets the enemy with the highest threat.

When Etraeus reaches 90% health, he will cast Nether Traversal.
At the end of cast, the Observatory walls will fall away and fight will transition to phase 1.

Absolute Zero (phase 2)

In this phase, Star Augur Etraeus will use Frost variations of his main abilities.

Gravitational Pull

During this phase Etraeus will start using Gravitational Pull (and will keep using it also in subsequent phases).

  • The ability affects a tank, drawing a purple circle arond him.
  • Swap the boss with offtank and run to a clear location.
  • Comet Impact will deal damage to all players within a 5 yard radius.
  • Tank will also receive Absolute Zero, a DoT which can be removed by having 3 allies stand in the circle.
  • Players that help remove the debuff will be afflicted with Chilled (12 seconds), if they come again in range of Absolute Zero they will be stunned

Icy Ejection

During this phase, Coronal Ejection becomes Icy Ejection. This spell spawns a sphere which inflicts 3 nearby players a debuff, causing them to Shatter

  • the debuff will damage the target and everyone within 8 yards
  • move away from raid

Iceburst (tank)

The tank mechanic Starburst becomes Iceburst in this phase.

  • It will simply change the ability to a aoe damage attack
  • Don't stack with off tank or other players
Icy Ejection

A Shattered World (phase 3)

In this phase, Star Augur Etraeus will use Fel variations of his main abilities.

Fel Impact

  • Variation of Comet Impact
  • The Gravitational Pull debuff lasts only 5 seconds
  • Fel Impact also remove patches of Felflame

Fel Ejection

  • Fel Ejection is similar to Icy Ejection
  • Run out from the raid when targeted
  • Target will also leave behind Felflame pools while they take damange. These pools does high damage to everyone in it.
  • Drop the pools in small patches to leave free space to move on the floor
  • Tanks can clear patches by standing near them on Fel Impact hits


Etraeus's Starburst attack becomes Felburst in this phase

  • This ability cause a stacking dot
  • Save cd for higher stacks of dot
Felflame patches
Fel Impact

Inevitable Fate (phase 4)

In this phase, Star Augur Etraeus will use Shadow variations of his abilities.

Void Impact

  • Void Impact is the phase version of Comet Impact
  • On hit it does damage to everyone within 5 yards
  • It will also spawn a Thing That Should Not Be
  • Run away before impact because this add will prevent most damage if tanked too close to the boss
  • The adds is the highest priority target, as it deals raid-wide damage
  • The add will also fears everyone looking at it at the end of the Witness the Void cast

Void Ejection

  • Will span on a player and deal AoE damage
  • Unique to this phase, the sphere will summon Voidlings
  • Kill adds as fast as possible because they place a damaging debuff, Voidburst

Voidburst (tank)

  • The tank ability for this phase is Voidburst, a debuff gained from the boss and from Voidlings mobs
  • It is a dot which spreads when it expires, jumping to new targets
  • Keep stacks as low as possible while managing adds and Void Impact
  • The phase is particulary taxing on healers, save mana for this one
The thing that should not be


On Heroic difficulty each of the Ice, Fel, and Void phases have an additional mechanic - a Nova attack.

Frigid Nova (phase 2)

During phase 2 Etraeus will cast Frigid Nova

  • This deal extremely high damage to all players
  • Damage is reduced by having players withing 5 yards up to a maximum of 4 other players
  • Stack with the group

Fel Nova (phase 3)

In phase 3, Etraeus will cast Fel Nova, again dealing extremely heavy damage to all players.

  • This thime the damage is reduced by distance from boss
  • All run away (including tank) from boss when he begins casting
  • Use speed boosts if availables

Void Nova (phase 4)

During phase 4, Etraeus will cast Void Nova

  • This will deal moderate damage to all players
  • Will also add a stack of the Voidburst DoT.
  • Consider using raid cooldowns to recover from nova attacks
Frigid Nova
Fel Nova

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