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The dreadlord Tichondrius, once leader of the nathrezim, was slain by the newly awakened power of none other than Illidan Stormrage.

Reconstituted in the Twisting Nether, Tichondrius returns to watch over Gul’dan on behalf of the Legion, ensuring that the orc warlock does not once again fail his masters.

Quick Tips

This encounter has a high dps requirement.
Tank Tichondrius where he is while the raid stays grouped on one side of the boss, slightly spread

During the fight Tichondrius periodically casts Illusionary Night which will trap all players in an illusion for 30 seconds.
Kill all bats inside the illusion and avoid Carrion Nightmare





Main abilities

Lord of the Nazrethim (phase 1)

Vampiric Aura (tank)

  • Tichondrius will summon several adds during the fight
  • Any add within 30 yards of him will gain a 700% lifesteal attack effect by Vampiric Aura
  • Kite all adds away from the boss

Feast of Blood

  • Tichondrius will cast also Feast of Blood on the current tank
  • The effect will causing him to take increased damage and to summon Tainted Bloods
  • Swap boss and kite the bloods away from the boss
  • Kill fast all the blood spawns

Carrion Plague

  • Tichondrius will target 2 non-tank players with Carrion Plague, a strong dot
  • When afflicted by the Plague run to the other side of the room
  • After 10 seconds, Tichondrius will cast Seeker Swarm at debuffed players
  • Any player between the debuffed player and Tichondrius will take damage and be affected by the Plague

Echoes of the Void

  • 4 Fel Spires will rise at the beginning of this channel
  • Tichondrius will channel this ability for 8 seconds, dealing heavy raid damage.
  • Avoid the damage by hiding behind the Fel Spire

Felsworn Spellguards

  • These adds will spawn on second and third time this phase is entered
  • They buff themselves with Rapid Pursuit and debuff others with Volatile Wound, which in turn summons a Nether Zone when expiring.
  • When you've Volatile Wound drop pools away from players in unused zones

Sightless Watcher

  • These adds will spawn on the third time this phase is entered
  • The adds cast Burning Soul on a random healer
  • The dot will deal damage and drain mana until it is dispelled
  • When dispelled the debuff does AoE damage
  • Healers stay spread during the phase
  • These adds are a high priority target
Hide behind fel spires

Shadow of Terror (phase 2)

Illusionary Night is cast immediately after the second Echoes of the Void in each Phase 1.

Tichondrius will pull the raid into a nightmare-shrouded version of the Captain's Quarter

Carrion Nightmare

  • while inside the nightmare dodge Carrion Nightmare
  • This effects draw a line on the floor and deals high damage and stuns for 3 secons

Phantasmal Bloodfang

  • Several bat adds keep spawning during this phase
  • Killing the adds drop Essence of Night on the floor
  • Move into the pool to gain a buff that increase damage done
  • Kill as many bats and collect as many buffs as possible during this phase
carrion nightmare beam
essence of night buff


During phase 1 Tichondrius will gain an additional mechanic, Brand of Argus

  • Tichondrius will cast Brand of Argus on 2 random ranged players
  • It avoids players already debuffed with Carrion Plague if possible
  • The spell has no duration and no effect unless players trigger the detonation
  • 4 more players moving near the target are needed to detonate the Brand of Argus
  • On detonation the spell will deal heavy damage to the raid (reduced by distance from target) and knockback the target
  • Detonate the brand at convenient times so that healers can heal the damage and to avoid accidental detonation during the rest of the encounter
brand of argus

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