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Trilliax, once proud servant to the nightborne aristocracy, has been discarded and left to slowly deteriorate.

While an unwavering will to carry out its tasks remains, the passage of time has splintered this construct’s personality matrix. It now unpredictably switches from one mode to the next, ranging from doting caretaker to homicidal sterilizer, craving recognition and validation from a master that no longer exists.

Quick Tips

The fight is a single-target fight with high movement and requires high raid awareness

Trilliax will cycle through 3 phases during the encounter, in this order :

Some abilities are phase-independent and will be used in multiple phases, while others are linked to a specific phase.

Main abilities

Phase-Independent Abilities

Arcane Seepage

When damaging Trilliax pools of Arcane Seepage forms at random players' locations (Dps and Healers)

  • Small warning zone appears before the pool drops, move away from the area quickly.
  • Players inside the pool will take moderate damage every second
  • Pools stays around for the full ecounter or until they are consumed by a Scrubber
  • Don't drop the pools in the center of the room

Arcane Slash (The Cleaner and The Maniac) (Tank swap)

  • Arcane Slash deals heavy damage split evenly over up to 2 targets in front of it
  • The primary target (the tank) will also receive the Arcane Slash debuff
  • Arcane Slash increases all damage taken by 35% for 30 seconds
arcane seepage pools

The Cleaner

This phase lasts 45 seconds.

During this phase Tilliax will cast Toxic Slice, which summons several Toxic Slice cakes all around the edge of the room.

Eating all cakes is important because cake slices otherwise will trigger additional heavy damage abilities.

  • 2 Toxic Slice are casts for each The Cleaner phase, every 30 seconds
  • slice wich persist to subsequent phases will trigger additional heavy damage abilities
  • slice cakes can be removed by "eating" them (runnin through the cake).
  • eating a slice applies a debuff which deals damage and stacks

Stuffed (heroic)

Consuming a slice will also apply Stuffed debuff to the player

  • Stuffed players cannot consume another Toxic Slice for 1 minute
  • Stuffed also reduces the movement speed by 25%
Toxic Slice cakes

The Maniac

This phase lasts 40 seconds.

Every second, Trilliax will do damage to random targets with Mana Rupture.

  • Each pulse will target half of the players in the raid (the damage is unavoidable)
  • a group of melee and one of ranged may be formed for aoe healing purposes

Also, at the beginning of the phase, Trilliax will link 2 players with Arcing Bonds for 30 seconds.

  • Linked players are marked with blue arrows and will draw a blue beam of lightning to each other
  • If the marked target stay more than a few yards away from each other they will take heavy damage by Arcing Bonds
  • when they come closer the beam turns red and the damage will stop

After around 24 seconds Trilliax leaps into the center of the room and will begin to cast Annihilation (2.2 seconds cast time).

  • After the cast he will begin to channel Annihilation, a large laser beam in front and behind the bosswho deals heavy damage to everyone who stands in it
  • while channeling the beam he will also start spinning in a random direction, moving the beam
  • he will also change spinning direction from time to time
  • stay on the side of the boss all time during this channelling to avoid the beam
a red beam means a safe distance and no damage taken
the beam is blue when players are too far away

The Caretaker

This phase last 12-13 seconds.

On this phase the boss is still and won't attack players.
He will also spawn some Succulent Feasts at random locations.

  • Eating the feast give a shield which absorbs 3 million damage and lasts for 2 minutes
  • this shield must be used to soak Cleansing Destrucion when cast by Scrubbers

In the last seconds of this phase the boss will summon also 5 Scrubbers with Tidy Up

  • do not damage them, they will self-destruct
  • when spawned the bots will start Scrubbing the floor, consuming Arcane Seepage pools
  • each pools give the Scrubber 20 mana
  • when a bot reach 100 mana it will start casting Cleansing Destruction triggering his own explosion and dealing heavy damage to the whole raid
  • to prevent explosion right click the casting Scrubber to jump on him and interrupt the cast
  • Feast's shielded players are better suited to interrupt the cast because the player who interrupts the cast will receive also some damage but, if needed, everyone with a defensive cd available, can interrupt a cast.
scrubbers absorbing pools
interrupt explosion by right clicking on bot

The Cleaner, revisited

For the rest of the fight, The Cleaner phase will have two additional mechanics.


During transition between The Caretaker and The Cleaner, Trilliax will Sterilize three players (ranged and healers mostly).

  • targets receive a warning buff, Sterilize, for 5 seconds
  • after 5 seconds they will gain Sterilize and start pulsing aoe damage to nearby players for 40 seconds
  • move away from raid before the pulsing starts

This pulse can also influence Scrubbers, allowing them to consume more pools.

  • Every pulse will drain 3 mana from the Scrubber. It will also increase his movement speed by 70% allowing him to consume pools more quickly
  • When targeted by Sterilize chase the Scrubbers to drain their mana with pulses unless the Scrubber is heading for a new Toxic Slice cake.
  • draining mana from the Scrubber will also reflect some damage back to the Sterilized target by Energy Drain
  • When a Scrubber eats a Toxic Slice cake it will instantly empower to full Mana

Cleansing Rage

10 seconds into The Cleaner phase, Trilliax will destroy all the leftover Toxic Slice cakes with Cleansing Rage.

  • Cleansing Rage deals heavy damage to the raid for each slice it destroys
  • 2 or more slice destroyed will wipe the raid
  • the slices destroyed are all leftover from previous The Cleaner phases because new slices will be cast only after this ability
  • If no slices are available, the ability won't be cast.
  • prevent the cast by eating all cakes (it's best to eat them during The Cleaner phases)
sterilize, warning debuff
sterilize pulsing effect and energy drain damage reflection

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