Demonic Inquistion


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Anticipating the arrival of mortal forces invading the Tomb of Sargeras, Kil’jaeden has called on his best captors, Atrigan and Belac, to lock down the interlopers and prevent them from using the Pillars to advance deeper into the dungeon.

Quick Tips

  • As you take dmg throughout the fight, Torment begins to accumulate for you
  • When you reach 100% Torment will results in a massive debuff : Unbearable Torment
  • Near 100% click the extra action button [Confess] to enter the cage with the group.
  • Collect the orbs inside the cage to remove torment and then click button again to exit

Main abilities


  • You will gain Torment with the bosses abilities, some are avoidable while others are not
  • Torment level is shown on the alternative power bar visible during the encounter
  • When the bar is filled you will gain a debuff called Unbearable Torment
  • The debuff will make you deal 20% less damage, reduce your hit chance by 90%, reduce the healing you do by 25%, and increase all the damage you take by 90%

Atrigan (tanked)

  • Atrigan must be tanked
  • He'll generate a high amount of Torment for the tank with his passive Bone Scythe which generate 2 torment with each melee attack
  • He'll also cast Scythe Sweep, a frontal cleave which deals high damage and applies 20 torment to anyone hit.
  • Face the boss away from the raid all the times to avoid other players be hit

Bone Saw

  • Bone Saw will deal damage and apply Torment to nearby players every second
  • Attacking the boss during this spell will generate an high amount of torment
  • Dots already casted are not afflicted by this spell
  • Switch dps to Belac during this spell
  • Move Atrigan away from Belac before Bone Saw

Calcified Quills (heroic)

  • Calcified Quills sends a barrage of spikes towards a player, knocking them up and dealing damage to them.
  • Usually targets the tank but it can target random players
  • Be aware of the direction Atrigan is facing to avoid the cast

Belac (caster - no tank)

Belac does not need to be tanked and cannot be moved during the encounter.
He is responsible for most of the torment applied to the raid with Tormenting Burst

Pangs of Guilt

  • He will cast Pangs of Guilt frequently during the encounter
  • The cast is interruptible
  • 3 players must be assigned on a rotation to interrupt the cast
  • Assign some backups for interrupt in case players are in the cages

Echoing Anguish

  • Echoing Anguish is a 12 seconds debuff which applies 4 torment every second
  • When dispelled or it expires the target will trigger Anguished Outburst which will deal damage and apply 10 torment to any players within 8 yards.
  • Move at least 8 yds away from the group if targeted and be dispelled
  • Don't dispel targets too fast

Fel Squall

  • Fel Squall is a channel that hits nearby players and anyone who attacks Belac, applying torment

Suffocating Dark (heroic)

  • Suffocating Dark will spawn void zones on random ranged
  • The zones will apply 10 torment every second and deals ticking damage to anyone within
  • Zones will also slow movement speed by 50% dropped on them (8 torment)

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