Desolate Host


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Once, this was a sacred burial site for the night elves, until the Legion corrupted these grounds with the Engine of Souls. This foul machine draws upon the energy of the dead, twisting them into abominations.These tormented spirits have become monstrosities, looking to feed on any who descend into the tomb’s depths.

Quick Tips

  • On this encounter there'll be 2 separate bosses, one for each realm.
  • Raid will have to split between the 2 realms
  • If a realm at any time will have no players raid will receive very high damage
  • To enter spirit realm click on Spiritual Fonts on the side of the room

Main abilities

Spirit Realm

Crush Mind (tank swap)

  • Crush Mind wil deal damage to the tank
  • Will also leaves a 90 sec debuff that increases its dmg

Soul Bind

  • Soul Bind binds two targets together (one for each realm)
  • They will take damage until they step on each other

Wailing Souls

  • Wailing Souls is a 1 minute channel doing realm wide Aoe damage
  • Kill remaining adds
  • If damage can't be healed leave a tank and a healer only in the realm

Wither (heroic)

  • [Wither]() will be cast on random target (not a tank) and deals moderate damage every 3 seconds for 1 minute
  • Will also increase damage taken by Wailing Souls by 100%
  • Target must swap to Corporeal realm during Wailing Souls
  • If target is an a healer swap with one healer from Corporeal realm

Soul Residues (adds)

  • 3 will spawn, exploding when killed
  • they can be slowed/stunned/gripped
  • when they move they leave Soul Rot on the floor which deals damage
  • Kill them fast to avoid too much Soul Rot on the floor.

Fallen Priestesses (adds)

  • These 2 priestess will debuff targets with Spirit Chains
  • Target will be slowed, receive some damage and won't be able to swap realm for the duration of the debuff (30 seconds)
  • Dispel the debuff on targets

They will also cast Shattering Scream which is important on heroic and higher difficulties

  • Target of the spell will receive 5 stacks of debuff and explode dealing a minor amount of damage to everyone within 5 yards
  • Explosion will also remove Bonecage Armor from adds in the Corporeal Realm within 5 yards
  • Targets of the debuff must move immediately to marked spot so that Bonecage Armor is removed from other realm adds
  • Leave at least a priestess alive until armor is removed from all adds

Corporeal Realm (Engine of Souls)

Collapsing Fissures

  • Collapsing Fissures will spawn around random ranged players
  • These zone deal high damage to everyone withing
  • The zones lasts 1.5 minutes
  • Avoid these

Tormented Cries

  • Tormented Cries is a 1 minute long cast which marks random players
  • After 5 seconds a cone of damage will hit the target
  • These will also silence players within
  • Place them on the edge of the room

Reanimated Templar (add)

  • The Templar will cast Rupturing Slam
  • 3 waves will travel out of him and across the room
  • Avoid the waves

Ghastly Bonewarden (adds)

  • 2 Ghastly Bonewarden will also be present in the Corporeal Realm at the start of the encounter
  • They will cast Grasping Darkness which deals some damage
  • The ability will bounce 3 times to player within 5 yards
  • Damage will be increased after each bounce
  • Stay spread 5 yards to minimise spreading potential

Bonecage Armor (adds)

  • Adds in the corporeal realm will have Bonecage Armor
  • Position the adds in a fixed position so that Spirit Realm players can remove the armod with Shattering Scream

Spear of Anguish (heroic)

  • The Engine of Souls casts Spear of Anguish on a random player
  • After 6 seconds hits anyone within 5 yards with a healing absorb and pushes them into the spirit realm
  • Target must move 5 yards away from others

The Desolate Host (Phase 2)

  • At 30% Desolate Host will spawn
  • Clear all adds before going in last phase

Torment (soft enrage)

  • Torment will jump up 5 stacks if players in both realms fail to be hit by either the Sundering Doom or Doomed Sundering abilities
  • Boss must be killed before stacks get too high
  • Save large healing cooldown for later stages of the phase

Sundering Doom (corporeal realm)

  • Sundering Doom is a 15 yards Aoe from the boss
  • It will have to be split by players in the Corporal Realm
  • Will one-shot any spirit realm player

Doomed Sundering (spirit realm)

  • Doomed Sundering is a 15 yard Aoe from the boss
  • It will have to be split by players in the Spirit Realm
  • Will one-shot any corporate realm player

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