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Harjatan was trained from birth to demolish his enemies. Through a conquest of savage brutality, he gathered throngs of cave dwelling murlocs who see him as a god. Now, the naga brute merely has to bark a command and hordes of devout followers set themselves to task.

Quick Tips

At 100% energy, Unchecked Rage triggers a frontal-split cone on tank (rotate boss to the raid to spread damage)

Commanding Roar summons adds at two pre-set spawn areas. Hold boss near one of the areas.

All Murlocs abilities apply Drenched, a debuff that increases frost dmg taken by 5% per stack. Permanent until boss finishes casting Frigid Blows

Main abilities


Abrasive Armor (tank swap)

  • Harjatan has a passive called Abrasive Armor that causes each melee attack to have a chance of applying Jagged Abrasion
  • Jagged Abrasion is a 30 second dot on the tank which stacks.
  • Keep the Jagged Abrasion stacks as low as possible (4-5 stacks)

Unchecked Rage

Harjatan has an energy bar that passively fills throughout the encounter. Once it is full, he will cast Unchecked Rage.

  • It's a short range frontal spell dealing high damage shared by all players hit
  • Full raid should be hit by the ability to share the damage
  • If less than 5 players are hit, Harjatan will enrage gaining a permanent damage increase
  • Stack raid behind boss and turn him to face the raid to shared the damage of the spellor melee DPS as they will not have to deal with parries from the boss.

Commanding Roar

During Harjatan will summon waves of murlocs with his Commanding Roar.

  • The murlocs will spawn from 2 locations around the room
  • Tank the boss next to one of these locations.
  • Murlocs must be killed firsts, especially Razorjaw Wavemenders
  • Murlocs will apply a debuff, Drenched, to the raid
  • It's a debuff that does damage and increase frost damage taken by 5%. It stacks
  • Keep drenched stacks to a minimum

Razorjaw Murlocs

Razorjaw Gladiator will frequently cast Driven Assault and fixate on a random player chasing him.

  • Under the spell damage is increased by 35% and movement speed reduced by 50%
  • They must be kited
  • Avoid melee attacks or they'll apply a stack of Drenched by Dripping Blade
  • These murlocs will cast Splashy Cleave when in melee range
  • When they're not under Driven Assault's effect, tanks make sure to have threat on Gladiators and face them away from raid, to minimize Drenched stacks.

Razorjaw Wavemenders

Razorjaw Wavemenders apply Drenched stacks with their spells.

Watery splash

  • Interruptible
  • Watery Splash deals a burst of frost damage to a random raid member
  • Applies a stack of Drenched
  • Interrupt the cast

Aqueous Burst

  • Aqueous Burst is a 6 seconds debuff
  • Target will explode on debuff expiration
  • Explosions deals a burst of frost damage to anyone nearby and spawns a patch of Drenching Waters on the ground
  • Targets must move away from the raid and let the debuff expires on the edges of the room
  • Heep an area behind the raid free of patches for Draw In

Draw In

Placements of water pools is the key to deal easily with Draw In

  • Draw In is a 10 second channel which will move all pools to Harjatan who will absorb them.
  • Pools are still active while travelling so avoid them
  • Leaving a large gap in the middle of the room will leave space for the raid to avoid the pools
  • For each pools absorbed Harjatan gains a stack of Frigid Blows
  • Each stack will empower a single melee attack of the boss, dealing heavy frost damage to the entire raid.
  • After the attack the stack is removed and a pool of Drenching Waters will spawn on a random player
  • As soon as all pools are absorbed whole raid hug the edges of the room to spawn these new pools in good locations
  • Avoid the pools on landing as they deal high damage
  • Large healing will be needed on this phase

Once all "charges" have been expended, Harjatan will cast Frosty Discharge, which deals damage to the raid and removes players Drenched stacks.

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