Maiden of Vigilance


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Charged by Aegwynn to defend the Tomb of Sargeras, the Maiden of Vigilance has stood watch for hundreds of years. Yet, the guardian did not foresee what effect the avatar’s seeping fel energy would have on this titan construct. Slowly warped by this maleficence, the maiden now seeks to destroy any in her path.

Quick Tips

  • This is a 2 phase encounter which alternates back and forth between the 2 phases
  • After end of phase 2, players Infusion will reset

Main abilities

Phase One


  • At the start she will cast Infusion. Half of the raid will receive Light Infusion while the other half Fel Infusion
  • Both infusions will deal a light amount of damage every 3 seconds
  • Players who receive damage from spell of opposite spectrum will receive Unstable Soul debuff
  • The debuff will be received also if players with opposing infusion stands withing 3 yards of each other

Unstable Soul

  • Unstable Soul deals moderate damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds
  • Once the debuff expires player will explode dealing large aoe damage to entire raid
  • 2 seconds before unstable jump into the pit to mitigate the aoe damage with Aegwynn's Ward


  • Hammer of Creation is the light hamemr and it's always cast first
  • It deals damage to the tank and additional Holy damage in a 20 yard cone,split between all players hit.
  • Holy infused players must stack to share the damage
  • Hammer of Obliteration is the Fel hammer and works the same way
  • Damage must be shared by fel infused players

Phase Two

45 seconds into the fight, Phase Two will begin.

  • Maiden will teleport to opposite side and start channelling Wrath of the Creators
  • Her shield, Titanic Bulwark, must bursted down to stop the channel
  • Fel and Holy orbs are shoot at both side
  • Players have to collect the orbs to receive a massive healing/damage buff (up to 10 stacks)
  • Stand togheter because the buff once collected goes to all player near 5 yards.
  • Don't get hit by the opposite orb or you'll become unstable and will have to jump into the Pit as in phase 1

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