Sisters of the moon


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The Sisters of the Moon served as wardens for the temple long before the avatar of Sargeras was buried beneath it. Even in death, the sisters maintained their vigil, but over the millennia something twisted their ability to distinguish friend from foe. Their madness slowly consumed them, and now any who enter their sacred chambers are put to death.

Quick Tips

Sisters of the Moon is a three phase encounter.

While there're 3 bosses during the fight raid will fight only boss at the time. They share health.

Additionaly players will need to move and change their position in the room to deal with the changing Font of Elune.

Main abilities

Font of Elune

The floor of the room will cycle between the phases of the moon.

  • Players staying on the light purple area will receive a stacking debuff, Lunar Soffusion, which increase arcane damage taken by 3%
  • Players staying on the dark purple area will receive a stacking debuff, Umbra Soffusion, which increase shadow damage taken by 3%
  • Moving between light and dark area will reset all stacks of soffusion and cause Astral Purge
  • When the floor becomes entirely Light or Dark, the Font of Elune will empower, triggering the bosses to use a powerful ability, depending on what phase the encounter happens to be in.

The Huntress (Phase 1)

Huntress Kasparian (active)

  • Tanks will need to stay close to share damage of Moon Glaive
  • Initial target will receive Discorporate, reducing healing and absorbtion received.
  • Remove debuff by triggering Astral Purge while swapping boss

Priestess Lunaspyre

  • The priestess will apply Moon Burn debuff to random players which deals moderate damage
  • Remove the debuff by changins side
  • Priestess will cast Embrace of the Eclipse shielding active boss and all players
  • Healing and Dps will be needed to remove shields before they'll explode dealing large damage.

Captain Yathae Moonstrike

  • She will drop a shadow volley on random locations, move out
  • Will shot a shadow arrow to random players
  • Will also cast a big arrow on a random target, Incorporeal Shot
  • Damage of Incorporeal Shot must be shared by staying on the arrow path

Bow of the Night (Phase 2)

Will start at 70%

Captain Yathae Moonstrike (active)

  • Will still cast a shadow volley on random locations
  • Healers will have to heal players target by Rapid Shot, which deals high damage over 5 seconds
  • Will summon a Moontalon Owl which must be killed fast
  • At 25% the add will start using Deathly Screech dealing very high damage, kill it fast

Huntress Kasparian

  • Will throw out multiple glaives, keep dodging them

Priestess Lunaspyre

  • Same as phase 1

Wrath of Elune (Phase 3)

Phase 3 will start at 40%

Priestess Lunaspyre (active)

  • Priestess will still apply Moon Burn
  • She will apply too Lunar Fire
  • The tanks must alternate who is tanking the Priestess to allow stacks to drop
  • She will cast Lunar Beacon on random targets which deals damage over time.
  • When the beacon expires it leaves also behind a shadow volley, move out

Captain Yathae Moonstrike

  • Same as phase 1

Huntress Kasparian

  • Same as phase 2

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