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In ages past, Odyn led the titan-forged armies against the Black Empire of the Old Gods. For millennia he has been confined to the Halls of Valor by the curse of his bitter nemesis, Helya. Odyn seeks mortal champions to vanquish the ruler of Helheim and secure his freedom.

Quick Tips

During this encounter Odyn challenges players to prove their worth. At the start of encounter players will face only Hymdall and Hyrja. When both the npcs are taken to 25% health before they can cast Revivify , Odyn jumps into battle.

At 55% health, Odyn shows his true power and starts filling the room with Cleansing Flame.

When Odyn reaches 10% health, he is satisfied with your prowess, and allows you to become his champions.


Phase one

  • Spread out 8 yards.
  • Move in to soak the damage beam of Shield of Light.
  • If a Runebearer fixates on you, bring him to his rune.

Phase two

  • Move out of Spear of Light's swirling ground effect and avoid subsequent Glowing Fragment Icon Glowing Fragments.
  • If a Runebearer fixates on you, bring him to his rune.
  • (Heroic) Spread out 5 yards when Hymdall is up.
  • (Heroic) Spread out 8 yards when Hyrja is up.
  • (Heroic) Move in to soak Shield of Light.

Phase Three

  • Do not set in Cleansing Flame.
  • Move out when targeted by Storm of Justice.


Phase one

  • Tank Hymdall and Hyrja 35 yards away.
  • (Hymdal) move out for Horn of Valor.

Phase two

  • Swap Odyn at 10/12 stacks of Odyn's Test.
  • (Heroic) Use survival cds when tanking Odyn if Hymdall or Hyrja is up.


Phase one and two

  • Be careful of Unerring Blast damage when the raid fails to kill all Runebearers.
  • Watch out the extra damage from Shield of Light or Horn of Valor.
  • (Ph.2) tanks will take high damage from Odyn when Hymdall or Hyrja is up.

Phase Three


  • Phase One and Two: Kill the Runebearers once they are in their rune.
  • Phase Two Switch and kill Hymjall and Hyrja.

Main abilities

Horn of Valor

Hymdall 4 second cast who deal a large amount of damage to anyone within 15 yards, as well as a moderate amount of damage to each member of raid and additional damage to anyone within 5 yards of them.

Dancing Blade

Hymdall will throw a Dancing Blade to a random ranged player, which deals damage on impact and high damage to anyone within.

Expel Light

Hyria debuff applied to a random player which deals damage to anyone within 8 yards of the debuffed player.

Shield of light

Hyria 4 second cast time ray spell which targets a random player and deals very high damage which can be shared. Cast every 35 seconds

Draw Power

Odyn activates the runes around his chamber and begins generating energy. After 30 sec, Odyn reaches 100 energy and casts Unerring Blast.

Odyn's Test

(phase 2) Each consecutive melee attack against the same target will increase Odyn's attack speed by 8%,stacks.

Cleansing Flame

(phase 3) Holy flame erupts from the ground inflicting high Holy damage every 1 sec while in the effect. Remaining within the flames increases this damage.

Stormforged Spear

(phase 3) Odyn will debuff the tanks with this spell. Once it expires, Odyn will throw a Stormforged Spear at them, dealing an enormous amount of physical damage to the tank. This damage is reduced the further away the tank is from Odyn on impact. Also deals an unavoidable moderate damage to everyone.

Arcing Storm

(phase 3) Odyn will deal small damage to random members of the raid throughout the phase. This damage will increase with time (soft enrage).

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